Bieten Sie uns Ihre Maschine an

Offer us your machine

Contact us trough our online-form or simply send us an e-mail with your offer complete of price, current pictures and technical details of the machine.

Besichtigung Ihrer Anlage

Visit of the machine

We gladly organize and plan with you the best date to visit the machine in your company or instead where it is located.


Purchase contract

All the information about the details of the contract are decided and defined together.

Reinigung der Anlage

Cleaning of the machine

Our specialized staff comes on site to perform carefully and accurately all the activities connected to the cleaning of the machine.


Photos and video

Through modern and qualified tools we take professional photos and full-HD videos, also during production conditions.


Eventually we are also able to plan in a serious and professional way all the phases of dismantling, loading and transport of the machine.